Identify Unmet NeedsRapidly Develop & Test Solutions

Our work starts with a deep understanding of the customer, whether they be external or internal, and utilizes startup principles to increase the quantity and quality of innovation in corporations.

01. Our Methodology

Design Thinking,Lean Startup, and Agile

We utilize a blend of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile Development processes that work together on a development timeline, from ideation to product launch to continued improvement. This also includes the Outcome-Driven Innovation Framework for JTBD to identify and act on unmet market needs.

We emphasize the value of rapid prototyping, from quick-and-dirty designs to constant sprints that provides value feedback from the market.

We believe that the future of corporate growth lies in Digital Ecosystem Management, and help companies to develop their own ecosystems accordingly.

Our consultants are trained in the areas of entrepreneurial business development, with certifications from Lean Launchpad, Kauffman Foundation, Nesta, & Strategyzer Business Model Generation.

Innovation Strategy

An in-depth strategic consultancy project to discover competitive business models and investment opportunities for tomorrow while increasing the efficiency and profitability of business operations today, then develop a roadmap to get there.
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Corporate Entrepreneurship

A step-by-step structured program to generate new business ideas from within a company, then to take those ideas through the lean startup methodology in order to validate the market potential of those ideas, and selecting proven ones for investment and scale
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Startup Engagement

A corporate governance model and a structured program to bring corporations and validated startups together, then craft the right model to test the win-win value proposition before guiding the corporation through the partnership integration process.
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02. Our Resources

Physical & Digital Canvas, Design Templates, and Training Content

We have developed our own set of training materials for new business development based on established theories that we use with corporate innovation teams to develop, refine, and launch their business ideas. This includes an entire workbook of design canvases and a set of badges to mark progress.

Additionally, we have created our own online training video module, available 24/7, which corporate teams can access to learn the theory behind the process.

03. Our Networks

Ecosystem Management

Fintech Istanbul

Core Strateji partners were instrumental in the launch of Fintech Istanbul, bringing together individuals, startups and institutions to share learning around Fintech, and continue to support it’s development.


Core Strateji is the engine behind GKTR, the premier networking and working group in Turkey for corporations invested in & pursuing entrepreneurial innovation.

Core Partner Network

Core Strateji works with a wide variety of external partners, from accelerator programs to agile coaches to technology development firms, to provide full comprehensive solutions for clients. Our partnership with Startups Watch also gives us high-level access to a large network of startups.

Create Your Story

Every company’s innovation goals are different, and each story is unique. Let us know when you are ready to start crafting your company’s story of innovation.