“As our sector changes, we need an innovation strategy for the future while still developing our current business.”

We provide an in-depth strategic consultancy project to discover competitive business models and investment opportunities for tomorrow while increasing the efficiency and profitability of business operations today, then develop a roadmap to get there.

Innovation Readiness Evaluation

The Entrepreneurial Readiness Index, developed by Core Strateji, is used to measure the entrepreneurship and innovation processes, and the underlying foundation supporting innovation within a corporation. The results can be compared and analyzed on both a country-wide and sector-based level.

The Entrepreneurial Readiness Index measures a corporation across six critical topics: The Vision & Mandate of Top Management, Entrepreneurial Culture, Middle Management Buy-In, Employee Entrepreneurial Thinking, Innovation Processes and the Supporting Ecosystem.

The quantitative results of the index study provides an in-depth analysis across a variety of perspectives including a company’s innovation foundation (vision, strategy, activities & resources), the distribution of their innovation portfolio (product/service, process, customer, channel), innovation processes for partnerships and internal project development (idea funnel, horizon portfolio, innovation process, reward system). The analysis is provided as a report including a comparison against industry benchmarks, suggested areas for improvement, and short-to-mid term steps to be taken in the entrepreneurial transformation process.

Innovation Strategy

The design of an Innovation Strategy creates a foundation to create internal processes for new business development, a framework for internal and external investment, a strategy for partnership development, and a plan to form a supportive ecosystem.

An Innovation Strategy is crafted via a series of short workshops with a company’s senior and middle management. During these workshops, the company’s vision for growth, expected changes and opportunities in the sector, and the company’s current and aspiring positioning within the market are discussed. Following, a detailed innovation map, appropriate innovation methods and potential partnership options are determined based on the selected innovation focus areas.

These workshop discussions serve as the key inputs to the development of innovation programs and are provided in report format with a subsequent action plan. In the report, an analysis of the strengths in the current business model, details of the innovation focus areas, the target future business model and its required competencies, alongside suggested areas for development are provided. At the conclusion, the innovation strategy, focus areas and road map are presented to top management by Core Strateji.