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Agile SWAT Team

Eureko SigortaFuture of Claims Project

Project Scope

The Achmea Group, in collaboration with each of its country-specific companies, Eureko Sigorta in Turkey, was looking to renew and innovate on its claims processing system, to understand how to integrate the right technologies and workflows to both increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs and inefficiencies. This project was designed to discover and develop an actionable next generation claims processing system that will help Eureko Sigorta keep pace with the insurtech disruption while giving it a head start on its competition. The project focused on the claims experience of Car Insurance and Home Insurance. 

Project Delivery

Two consultants from Core Strateji worked side by side with a SWAT claims team from Eureko Sigorta, three days a week over six months, completing the project over three stages:

  1. Discovery & Assessment
  2. Ideation & Design
  3. Pilot Testing & Planning

Initially, a deep understanding of multiple customer journeys through the claims processing system and a detailed workflow analysis of the current claims processing system were needed. Over 200 face-to-face and phone interviews, site visits with real customers and employees were conducted, followed by a comprehensive Jobs-to-be-Done Outcome-Driven Innovation (JTBD ODI) survey and analysis with 500+ responses.

After understanding the customer experience and identifying the key pain points, multiple ideation sessions were organized with Eureko employees to expose the company to the claims experience and cooperatively generate new solutions. A total of 70 ideas for car insurance and 56 ideas for home insurance were generated from those ideation sessions.

Based on those list of ideas, four car insurance ideas and two home insurance ideas were selected for testing with real customers via digital and physical prototypes, designed to validate those ideas against market and technical assumptions. Several of those pilots pivoted to other iterations based on feedback from the market.

Project Results

At the conclusion of the project, three ideas, backed by a business case analysis and an implementation roadmap, were implemented in Eureko’s current claims processing workflow. The remainder of the ideas were turned over to internal teams for continued field testing.

  • Core Strateji worked with Eureko Sigorta’s claims team to understand the customer’s claims experience using Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile methodology
  • Based on a variety of pain points in customer journey, 120+ ideas were generated for both car and home insurance claims
  • Of those ideas, 6 ideas were tested directly in the market; following, 3 of those ideas were immediately implements while the others continue to be tested