Project Type: In-house Entrepreneurship
Project Scope

Anadolu Efes has started innovation studies with Core Strategy in 2019 to craft a systematic roadmap for corporate innovation. It was one of the first companies to implement the online corporate innovation program in Türkiye.

Within the scope of Efes Entrepreneurship Workshop, it was implemented as a systematic in-house entrepreneurship program that continues online in 2020. Every year, within thxe scope of the focus areas determined by Anadolu Efes, idea generation sessions are held and the groundwork is prepared for program implementations. Afterwards, the discovery and validation processes are carried out by ensuring that the participants are a team on the selected idea. Malty, which is the first project in the program to be commercialized by completing the process under the mentorship of Core Strategy, is one of the most innovative practices of food technology today.

Project Delivery

Malty contributes to the development of food technology with its sustainable raw materials and innovative products. The product that focuses on malt and up-cycling; It stands out with its rich nutritional value and additive-free substance properties. Malty’s in-house entrepreneurship and commercialization journey:

  • Market Feasibility: Established the right market strategy by interviewing real customers.
  • Solution-Oriented Product Tests: Taste tests were conducted with homemade bars.
  • Solution Sales and Price Verification: Recipe finalized. The first trial productions were carried out. It met with consumers in third generation cafes.
  • Mass Production and Branding: The first mass production was realized. Brand and communication plan designed.
  • Online Sales and Promotion: Social media presence increased, website sales started.
  • Business Model and Channel Verification: Campaign and online sales were provided on leading digital marketplaces.
  • Growth and Competitiveness Strategy: R&D processes for new products and upcycled raw materials continued uninterrupted.
  • Commercialization: Commercialization decision was taken and project investment tour started with Malty team.
Outputs and Results

As a result of the first program carried out in 2020, the Malty project, which was realized among a total of 12 teams, completed the verification and efficiency steps and became the first commercialized project. Proving its business model and potential, Malty left its parent company Anadolu Efes as of January 2022 to expand outside the company and recently received an investment of 2.4 million TL in a seed investment round.

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