From Concept to Market:
A Journey in Commercializing Smart Cylinder

Project Type: R&D Market Entry Strategy
Project Scope

As part of Matthews International Corporation, Saueressig Türkiye is one of the largest gravure printing tool suppliers in the world with deep understanding of market segments and different applications of cylinder technology. The R&D team of Saueressig Türkiye has developed an innovative smart cylinder technology enabling a digital and more efficient real-time cylinder management. The company needed a market entry strategy and a business model around the developed technology.

Project Delivery

At Saueressig Türkiye, we took a dynamic approach to successfully deliver the commercialization project for the new smart cylinder solution. To ensure a robust strategy, two of our skilled Core Strategy consultants dedicated two days a week to the project, offering a tailored and hands-on approach. The first crucial step involved engaging with Saueressig’s clientele through a series of +14 customer interviews, both with local and global customers. This deep dive allowed us to define the early adopters, identify and align pain points effectively, ensuring our solutions addressed real-world challenges.

To validate the proposed solutions, we prepared and executed two solution tests with the participation of 7 key customers. This iterative process allowed us to fine-tune the product’s features based on direct user feedback. With all the information gathered from the customers, we developed three solution concepts accompanied by revenue models tailored specifically for the cylinder management solution. These concepts were strategically designed to not only meet customer needs but also to maximize revenue potential.

Outputs and Results

Throughout the project, our consultants maintained an agile and responsive approach, ensuring alignment with Saueressig’s vision and goals. The collaboration resulted in a validated business model and an implementation roadmap for the smart cylinder management solution, positioning Saueressig for success in the evolving market.

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